Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend Update, Samantha Jean

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. And for no pictures - it's not my fault! LOL

Anyway, last Thursday Jesse and I took Sam to the Dr. to check her weight again. She hit 4 pounds and 5 ounces! Big girl! LOL The dr. was soooo proud of her. She is gaining an ounce a day and he says that is wonderful. So, I was very happy about that. In all reality she isn't that much bigger than when we brought her home, but she just seems bigger to me. I swear that she looked and fit differently in her car seat even. She's still on an every 3 hour feeding schedule, so that we can keep her growing, and we will go back for another check on the 26th. I'm guessing she's going to hit 5 pounds by January! Funny to think about that, though. Right now she doesn't even weigh half of what her siblings weighed when they were born.

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