Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sweet baby

Sweet Sami has just been scrumptious lately! Nobody can resist her. She is smiling and cooing and flapping her arms in delight. She is fascinated by Taylor - she watches her every move. And, I don't think she's quite made up her mind about the boys. They move awfully fast and although entertaining they are sometimes a little startling. Of course, her favorite person in the world, her Dad, always gets the smiles. We are just loving this little girl so much! And, I think she likes us just a little bit, too.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Play Ball!

Saturday was Opening Day for Little League in our town. So, the boys had pictures and their first games. This is Jesse's first year to play and he is so happy to be involved. He is the youngest on his team, but he really holds his own. He's the first one to answer (correctly) when Coach asks what base the play will be at. His team name is the Bats, and he is number 1. As we were driving to the games he announced that he was going to get a homerun. So, Pete and I went along with it and told him of course he was. Well, he was the first batter of the game and guess what he did?!?! He hit a homerun! I guess we shouldn't doubt him! He did great - he fielded the ball many times and threw it right to first base.

P.J.'s team this year is the Red Wings and he is number 14. He's really doing well! He has a great arm and hardly misses a ball thrown to him. His Coach has had him on 1st base at practices and he played 1st all of this game. He was so funny - you could see him standing there waving his glove around just itching to get the ball so he could make the out. He's one of the oldest on his team this year and I think he's just a tiny bit impatient to begin with - no idea who he got that from - so he did quite a bit of glove waving.

Tay and Sam were the cheerleaders - actually, I think Tay just enjoyed hanging out with all of us and Miss Sami had a nice nap in the fresh air. Nana, Pa, Uncle Jay and Aunt Kelli, and Joey, Avery and Mayci also got to come out to the games. It was a nice afternoon, but by the end of PJ's game it was really chilly! I was so glad to have my jacket - and a big blanket for my baby.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just an update...

Well, I sure fell off the blogging bandwagon didn't I?

These last few weeks have just flown by. The big kids all had Spring Break for two weeks. Of course, the boys had all kinds of plans. Taylor, was very content to be with her friends, though. So, the boys, Sami and I were quite busy. Taylor did accompany us to Tucson where we got to visit Pete's work and meet all the nice people he spends his days with. After we left his office we had some lunch for Jesse's birthday and then went to a Diamondback's spring training game. Jesse said that the best part of the day was going to Daddy's work, though. haha

We also spent a day at the zoo, went swimming and played a lot with our neighbor friends. It was a great break but it went by way too fast! Now I am back to waking up kids, packing lunches and doing homework - blech! Plus, baseball season has begun and this year both boys are playing. Jesse is playing T-Ball and PJ is in Coach Pitch. This makes for very busy days for all of us. Tere are many times that they havve practices/games on the same day. But, luckily they are playing in the same field so I should be able to get them to everything okay.

Miss Sami Jean is also doing well. Pete was just commenting how she seems to have just taken off recently. She now weighs 9 pounds 1o ounces. So, it looks like she'll hit a gain of 2 pounds this month. She has also started to rool over! I am just in shock at this accomplishment! She is only 3.5 months old! I know Jesse was over 4 months before he rolled over! I just keep hearingthe NICU nurse's voice saying "somebody forgot to give her the message". Really, it must be true. She has no idea she is such a little peanut! In fact, yesterday when I took Jesse to school a few of the Mom's were just giggling at her because she was up on my shoulder holding her little head up just looking around at all of them. She's just so funny! She is really interested in her brothers these days - they are live entertainment. And, of course she just loves her big sister. Tay is getting so good with her now that she'll pick her up and hold her and talk to her. Sam just loves the attention!

As far as her birthmark goes things are holding steady. We started her back on the Propranolol - Friday will be two weeks. About an hour after giving her the second dose could see a drastic change in the color of her H. So, the color is definitely changed, and I'd say it's less puffy - maybe softer? So, if we can just hold steady at this point until it reaches the end of it's growth period we'll be doing great. We go back to Phx Children's on Thursday to see Dr. T and we'll se what he has to say. I'm guessing he'll be pleased and that we'll just keep haning out like this. Which is fine by me!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesse!

Today is the day, my baby boy turns the big FIVE. I really can't believe it. Not that he isn't such a mature guy anyway, but 5 just sounds so old. Preschool is almost over, and kindergarten is right around the corner. Not sure if I'm ready for him to get on that big yellow bus...

Jesse Ignacio was born at 9:38am on March 17, 2004. He weighed 8 pounds 9 ounces and was 21.5 inches long. In the spirit of the day he was born with red hair, although I washed it too hard a week later and it all fell out. So, now he has a head full of golden blond hair. His eyes are the most gorgeous color - not blue, not green, not gray - just beautiful.

Mr. Jesse is just such a sweetheart - although, in the last year he has really learned to stand his ground. The little boy who wouldn't leave my side has been known to boss the big kids on the street around if they aren't doing right by him.

His future plans include being an army man, maybe a baby doctor, oh, and never moving out of our house. He plans to live with me all his life. Although, he is quite confused about the bed situation. You know "grown up men can't sleep in little beds" like his.

He has brought so much joy and laughter to our home. We are so "lucky" to have him. Happy 5th Birthday Jesse Nacho - we love you!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

H Info...He's back...

Well, I guess now is the time to admit it...I freaked out and pulled Sam off the Propranolol about 2 weeks ago. There were scary stories circulating and she had started to get fussy, etc... So, we went into see Dr. T and had a long talk with him. He was kind enough to have researched the scary story I had heard about and talked with us about that. He also consulted many other departments within Phoenix Children's Hospital and assured us that the dosage that Sami was taking were completely safe. But, after all of this he still thought that it was a good idea to take her off. Which, I thought was very noble of him seeing as he was basically taking care of me and my worries, rather than Sam. But, as he said, he has to take care of me as well as her. Am I pitiful or what? Anyway, she had her last dose almost 2 weeks ago and it is definitely growing back. It is the angry red color again and is starting to swell under the suface. Her little lip is stretched again and is very thick. All of this in just under 2 weeks! Really, to be honest, it just plain sucks! So, yesterday we all drove downtown to Phx Childrens and met with Dr. H. He is the Sr. member of the dermatology dept and was very knowledgeable. His staff was also amazing!!! I'd go there just to see his medical assistant. Again, here I am being needy... Anyway, he agreed that we should start the Propranolol again and he raised her dose a bit - because she has grown a bit since we started. When she started she weighed 6/12 and now she is 8/11. So, she will be taking .65ml 3 times a day. We are hopeful that we can get her back to where she was 2 weeks ago. And, now that the ulcerations are almost completely healed she should be doing just wonderfully. The most important thing has always been to Pete and I that she not be hurting. Yes, we'd love for her H to just magically disappear - but that's not going to happen. It's here - and we will be dealing with it for years to come. But, our little girl is just so happy and healthy right now that what her H looks like is not of major concern. As long as it is not hurting her. Of course, we don't want her to be affected by what others may say or do regarding it, so we that also motivates us to get it under control now so hopefully she will never know it was there. That is my hope anyway...

Aside from the H Info, Sami is just doing wonderfully! She is getting bigger and stronger by the day. She is back up to gaining an ounce a day - which will put her at a 2 pound gain per month, instead of the 1 pound I was anticipating. Which is wonderful! She's starting to really get control over her head and loves to be carried so she can look all around. She's smiling at everyone - especially her Daddy. Why does he always get the girls? I guess I have 2 handsome boys, though, so I won't complain.

The other kids are well. They are all on Spring Break this week and next and are very happy about that. We haven't done much so far - but they have great plans for us. Bowling, the pizza place, swimming, etc... And, Tuesday is Jesse's 5th Birthday! So, we have planned a drive to see Daddy's work and have lunch with him. After that I'll take the kids and we'll be going to a Diamondback's spring training game. Of course, all dressed in green!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009