Monday, March 30, 2009

Play Ball!

Saturday was Opening Day for Little League in our town. So, the boys had pictures and their first games. This is Jesse's first year to play and he is so happy to be involved. He is the youngest on his team, but he really holds his own. He's the first one to answer (correctly) when Coach asks what base the play will be at. His team name is the Bats, and he is number 1. As we were driving to the games he announced that he was going to get a homerun. So, Pete and I went along with it and told him of course he was. Well, he was the first batter of the game and guess what he did?!?! He hit a homerun! I guess we shouldn't doubt him! He did great - he fielded the ball many times and threw it right to first base.

P.J.'s team this year is the Red Wings and he is number 14. He's really doing well! He has a great arm and hardly misses a ball thrown to him. His Coach has had him on 1st base at practices and he played 1st all of this game. He was so funny - you could see him standing there waving his glove around just itching to get the ball so he could make the out. He's one of the oldest on his team this year and I think he's just a tiny bit impatient to begin with - no idea who he got that from - so he did quite a bit of glove waving.

Tay and Sam were the cheerleaders - actually, I think Tay just enjoyed hanging out with all of us and Miss Sami had a nice nap in the fresh air. Nana, Pa, Uncle Jay and Aunt Kelli, and Joey, Avery and Mayci also got to come out to the games. It was a nice afternoon, but by the end of PJ's game it was really chilly! I was so glad to have my jacket - and a big blanket for my baby.

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J and K's Sweet JAM said...

Love this last picture with the helmets, Steph! We had fun & look forward to more games.