Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sami Jean - Day 8, 12/11/08

Sami is home!!!

We got home this afternoon and have spent all afternoon just loving having her here. Although, she has no idea what's going on I'm choosing to believe that she is just as happy about coming home as we are. LOL I'm still in a bit of shock. This was so diffrent than when our other 3 babies were born. I guess I never felt like I had had a baby. It was so strange to come home without her, and heart wrenching to have to go and "visit" your own child. But, enough of that - she is home now, where she belongs.

As of right now five of the six of us are under one roof. We are waiting on Tay to get off the bus, and then all will be right with the world again... *sigh*

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