Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sami Jean - Day 7, 12/10/08

Well, today was a WONDERFUL day! My late post can be explained by the fact that as I headed out the hospital I got a call from Sami's nurse. She wanted me to bring in her carseat so that they could do her carseat test. They wanted us to "nest" with her that night and then bring her home the next day. It was all a blur as I rushed to still make it to her 11am feeding. I grabbed the car seat we had, just to see if it would work. After we fed her we tried her in the seat. Unfortunately there was no way it was going to work out. We pulled the straps as tight as they would go and we still could have taken her out without unbuckling her. It was a pretty bad fit. So, we decided that we were going to have to go ahead and get a new carseat. I left the hospital after her 2 oclock and headed out to get some last minute things before I went home to pack. Pete made it home around 7 and we loaded up and headed to Babies R Us, where my Mom had given us a coupon to buy the new seat. We ended up with a travel system and it is gorgeous! I'm really excited to use it. And, they way that this carseat fits her is amazing. I'm so glad we got it - she is so comfy in it.

We got to the hospital and gave them the new seat. They put her in it and started the test while we settled into our room. After she passed her test they brought her into our room for the night. However, we weren't really alone. The nurse came in every 3 hours to bring her a bottle and check her temp and listen to her heart and belly. So, although we were "alone" it was more like we were being tested. The nurse we had didn't know us and I don't think knew that Sami was our 4th child. So, she kept a good watch over us all night. In the morning they said "well, you did good, I guess she can go home today". So, it really was a test. Which, is a little irritating, but it had to be done.

Needless to say we were very happy to get her home. She is 8 days old and we haven't really had any time with her. So, I hope everyone will forgive us when I say that we don't want any visitors! LOL Just for awhile - we really missed out on a lot of time with her since she was taken away just minutes after being born.

Luckily Pete was able to take Thurs and Fri off so that he can spend some time with her, too. I don't think he's put her down since we got home! We are so thankful that his new job is so incredible! They are so family oriented and have really made us feel welcome. I have yet to meet any of them, but I hope when Sami is a bit older and stronger that we can make the drive down to Tucson and have a big introduction.

Thanks to all of you who have helped out and sent good thoughts and food and watched our children. We couldn't have made it through this without all of your support! Especially our Nana, who has taken off quite a long time from work and spent many nights over here with the 3 big kids. Not to mention our 2 "furry" children. We have heard that Tay's dog Bubbles has given her quite a run for her money. Sorry Nana! We never said you had to keep the little dog alive - just the big dog and the kids! LOL

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