Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sami Jean Day 4, 12/06/08

Miss Sami had a very sleepy day today. I got to the hospital at 8am and met my parents there. Sam was wide awake and waiting for us! Her nurse told us she had taken 25 mL all through the night and they were very proud of her. They had moved her IV down to only adding in 2 mL of nutrition and they were stopping her from eating more than 25 mL. So, there was talk all day of removing the IV and upping her limit of bottle intake. We were really hopeful that this would happen, but just try to go moment to moment with her. I stayed through the 8am feeding and at about 10am Jean and Nacho arrived to see her. However, she was really tired because she had been awake with me the entire time I'd been there. So, of course she needed to rest her little body. So, we left her to rest and decided to come back for the 11am feeding. When we got back at 11 she was still sleepy and didn't take down too much. Of course, I felt guilty that we had bothered her and worn her out, so we didn't stay long and hoped that she would rest up and eat more when we came back at 2. When Pete and I got back at 2 they had upped her limit of milk to 33mL, but we only got about 16 down her before she fell asleep again. We stayed wth her a while longer and then decided it would be best for her to get some sleep hoping that she would eat better later that night. Of course, when Pete called before bed she had taken 30mL at both her 5 and 8 pm feedings! Little stinker, I think she's a night owl. LOL

OH! And her IV was removed since she was able to take enough nutrition on her own. Her Dad is soooo happy about that! And, they are saying tht if she keeps up the good feeds she may get an open air bed in the next couple of days. We just have to worry about her keeping her body tem up, but as the days go on her bed heater has been kicking on less and less. So, this leads them to believe that she is doing well regulating her body temp. Which is terrific because that is another thing she has to master before we an bring her home.

Loved her nurse today! She said that babies like Sam are her favorite - they are super tiny, but seem to have not been notified of that because they act just like they weigh 8 pounds. LOL So, overall she is doing well, we hope that she has another good day on Sunday.

Weight: 1750g

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hairlady said...

She is a beautiful girl. I can't to see her home with the family. She is a true blessing.