Friday, December 12, 2008

Sami Jean - Day 9, 12/12/08

We had our first night home and it was wonderful! Miss Sami at like a little pig all night, too, which made me happy. We have also discovered Rocky's true mission in life - to be a baby nurse. LOL The poor guy was up all night long. Every whimper I heard I'd look over and this gigantic head was peering into her bassinet to make sure she was okay. Then, when I'd go down to feed her he'd be right there with me. He'd wait for me to make it down the first half of the steps, then he'd come down and then he'd wait for me to go down the rest and then follow me down. He paced the kitchen watching her while I heated the bottle and then stood watch as I fed her. I swear, he could work as a volunteer in the NICU and let the nurses know when a baby needed something!

Sami had her first dr. appt this afternoon. We just LOVE our doctor. I would never see anyone else. I just knew I was going to be so happy after this appt. So, we told himwhat we knew - what the NICU had told us to do, etc... Anyway, he told me to nurse her at EVERY feeding. Now, this is great big news, because when she was in the NICU the nurse had to have an "order" from the doctor for me to be able to nurse her. ugh... Anyway, I am estatic about this! I HATE this darn pump and will be so happy to get rid of it. I'm not really a bottle sort of girl. All this pumping and measuring and worrying about every mL is not my style. I'm more a half-asleep pop a boob in their mouth kind of gal. LOL (Sorry to all the males I know reading this!) Needless to say I cannot wait for her to be exclusively nursing.

Sami weighed in at 3 lbs 15 ozs on their scale and will go back in a week to weigh in again.

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