Monday, December 8, 2008

Sami Jean - Day 6, 12/08/08

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Today was a good day. I'm not sure exactly why, but Pete was with me all day in the NICU and I know that helped. We arrived for Sami's 8 am feeding and stayed until she was done with her 5 pm feeding. It was so nice to be able to just relax and be with her. Thanks Mom!!!

Sami ate so good today! And, as one of the nurses said, "Eating is the ticket out of here!" So, we are hoping she will keep it up. She had 26 mL most of the day until 5 pm when the little piggy took 40 mL! When we called tonight to check on her the nurse said she had taken 32 for her at 8pm. So, that is all great news. Plus, she has put on a little weight, up to 3 lbs 11.1 ounces now. Gaining weight is another step in the right direction, so we were very hapy about that.

We did meet another doctor today who I'm guessing will be in for this week. She was a wacko to say the least. When she came is she assumed Sami was a full term baby. Umm, did you not see her?!?! Anyway, we corrected her and then she continued to tell us that she was going to raise her minimums 2 mLs per feeding and that we'd probably get to take her home in a few days. Ummm, what? Pete and I didn't even bat an eye. There is no way that will be happening, she's not ready. Later our her came over and askedif she had really told us that. She said that another nurse had told her and that they (the nurses) would all fight to keep her there because she's not ready. She needs to be more consistent with her feeds and she needs to keep putting on weight every day before we can even begin to think about that. It's funny because Pete and I sit in there and see all these other 5,6,and 7 pounders and they are eating the same or just a bit more than Sami is. Plus, half of them have feeding tubes. Her nurse laughed at her again today because she said that this tiny little thing is just wondering what their problem is, why can't they just figure it out like she has. She is a tough little baby bird, that's for sure. I can't believe how well she is doing. She is truly amazing us everyday with how hard she is working to be strong. Oh, and we had a great nursing moment today. Our nurse today brought in another nurse who is also a lactation consultant. She was so helpful and supportive. I felt so much better about nursing working out after we talked with her. I'm hoping I'll see her again throughout this week. But, for now Sami is taking my milk which they fortify with a high calorie formula at every feeding. That makes me feel good - that I am providing for her.

Oh, and since Dr. Wacko brought up the whole going home thing we all started talking about car seats. The car seat we have holds a minimum of 5 pounds. I do not think she will hit 5 pounds before she comes home. So, I've started researching and there are some that will hold a 4 pounder and they seem to do a better job at supporting small babies, too. So, that may be an option for her. We will have to think more about that as the time gets closer to bring her home. As for now, we are going day by day. There is no other sane choice in all of this...

Pete has to go back to work tomorrow, and I know he's upset about that. But, this will begin his nightly visits with her. He plans to be there at 8pm for that feeding every night. Luckily, my Mom has taken of through Weds so I'm planning on going up tomorrow and Weds for at least 2 feeds.

Keep little Sami in your thoughts and prayers, I know they are working! To see this little tiny creature do so many amazing things is truly a miracle.

Weight: 1665g

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