Saturday, December 6, 2008

Miss Samantha Jean is here! 12/03/08

Samantha Jean Garza, born 12-3-08 at 7:28 am, weighing 3 lbs 14ozs, 16 3/4 ins, head circ 12 in, chest circ 9 3/4 in.

So, as many of you know, I began having problems in this pregnancy in September. I'm really not sure what was going on. It would be one thing and then another. Finally, in October my doctor was suspecting pre-eclampsia and so she sent me to a specialist. We continued going to appointments between my OB and the perinatologist for about a month. At the specialist they did non-stress tests, measured the bloodflow from the placenta to the baby and also did growth ultrasounds to check on her progress. All of this while my blood pressure continued to rise. Finally, the day before Thanksgiving the peri decided that the baby had pretty much stopped growing and that to wait any longer may be of risk to her. So, we had an amnio on Monday the 1st and were told on Tuesday that her lungs were mature and she would have a good chance of breathing on her own if we induced. Pete and I decided that although it was terrifying to think of having her 5 weeks early and weighing only 3 pounds that we had to do whatever she needed us to do to help her. So, we went in to the hospital at 3pm on the 2nd to be induced. I should alsomention that at this appointment all of my problems were gone. The peri saw no signs of preeclampsia, nothing. It was almost like God had given me all these "problems" just to get me into the specialist so that he could watch over our little girl and discover that she needed to be taken care of outside of the womb.

It was a very easy labor, as all of mine have been. It was scary, though, because all through the night the nurses kept running in because her heartrate was dropping with every contraction. They finally found that her cord was between her head and my cervix and was being compressed with each contraction. After moving the cord out of the way we were all much more comfortable. I had contractions all night long, but nothing untolerable. Pete and the nurse were asking when I wanted the epidural and I honestly wanted to put it off as long as I could. Not because I have this dream of squatting in a rice field, giving birth and then throwing the baby on my back and continuing on. But, because with all my babies the minute I get an epidural everything goes so fast. I knew it would be over and she would be coming. I was really scared... to see her - not knowing what a 3 pound baby would look like. But, also because I knew that the minute she came out she would be taken away from me to the NICU. Of course, I knew that had to happen, and I wanted the best for her, I just didn't want it to happen so fast. But, as always happens, time didn't stop and at 7:28am Sami was born. And then taken away to the NICU...

They had the NICU team in the room waiting for her and they wheeled her off to the nursey after I got to hold her for just a second. Pete went along with her and got some pictures. She was doing well, breathing on her own with no need of oxygen. So, that was a great sign. She was in an isolette to keep her warm and had an IV for her feeding. Her blood sugars were problematic at first, but they gave her some "sugar" and that was resolved.

We don't know how long she will be in the NICU, but we are so happy that they have such wonderful nurses in there taking care of her for us. They are truly a blessing!
Weight: 1770g

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