Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sami Jean - Day 6, 12/09/08

Thought I'd start this post now, since I'm not heading up til 11. Pete called on his way to work, so we do have some news. They have moved Sami up to the front nursery. A few days ago I would have thought this was great news, but yesterday we saw some babies come from the front to the back. Also, they were filled yesterday and were looking to make room. I worry about her up there because it's much louder and the lights are on more. She needs so badly to gain weight that I hope this doesn't stress her out too much. Depending on what I see today I may talk to the nurse about it.

So, when I made it in today they were moving her to the back. LOL They had just moved her up front overnight. There was no medical reason - just I think for the nurses convenience since all the babies were moved around last night. She's back to her same old spot now and is doing great.

She took 30mL for the nurse all night and about 35 mL for me all day. Dr. Wacko was in again looking for me today. She said she wasn't ready to send her home today. LOL! Duh! So, she (the nurses) decided that we'd raise her minimum mL intake by 2 mL every 3rd feed til she reaches 42 mL and then keep it there. Theyare watching her tummy closely to make sure it doesn't get overloaded with all the food. But, really, it's about the same as she took yesterday and she won't hit 42 til tomorrow. She's been gaining on her intake by the day, so I think she'll be okay.

I felt so good today when I left. I know that the reason I wasn't so upset was because I knew Pete was coming to her afer I left. Which, makes me feel better, but I'm sure it'll be the same for him to leave her as it always is. Which, really isn't fair to him. I know he's going to be so tired this week. His long drive home just got longer. He's heading straight to the hospital after leaving work in Tucson. He says he can just take different freeways, but I have no idea how long that will add to his drive. The hospital is about 20 minutes into town from our house. I'm feeling really bad for him. But, it can't be helped and I know that there is no place he would rather be than with her right now. So, he will make it. I'll just have to be extra nice to him when he gets home. LOL

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