Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sami Jean - Day 10, 12/13/08

Today was just a relaxing, stay at home, hold my baby kind of day. It was wonderful. We are now nursing at every feeding and I'm so happy about that! Of course, now I've turned into one of those kind of Moms, the ones who worry about how much the baby is eating because they can't measure it. I was never like that before - but I guess with a 9 pounder you don't worry so much about eating. I do have to declare my deep hatred for this gosh dang breast pump. It is such a pain to have to use it. Sami has to eat every 3 hours around the clock. So, I get up, feed her, then pump, then take the milk down and put it in the freezer. By the time this is all over it's been over an hour and I have less than 2 hours til it has to be done again. I can't wait til we are nursing full time and I can hurl that thing back at the lactation consultant. I shouldn't be so negative towards it, though. It was the only thing that has kept my milk supply up and allowed us to start up nursing again. So, I don't *hate* it, but I strongly dislike it. LOL

Nothing else new at all. Which is actually very nice for a change. Pete finished wrapping up some gifts and ran to the store to get a few little things more. He gets so mad because on the weekends he goes to WalMart everyday. But, they are so close and so cheap and we always need something. LOL

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