Sunday, January 25, 2009

H Info...There is definite change!

{I went back and forth about posting this. I just don't want my baby to become some sort of science experiment - where people are only looking at her H and not HER. So please, if you have found these pictures, look closely with your eyes AND your heart... } {You can click the photo for a larger version}

And, even better is that my sweet Sami is coming back. The yucky steroid injection made her feel really bad. They told me it might make her hungrier. However, she was also grumpy, sweaty and her eyes looked really weird to me. Almost like she was high. Apparently hyperness is also a side effect. Which would explain the wide eyed look she has lately. Or, as my friend Jen puts it, her "I'm gonna kick your butt" look. LOL Which is not my sweet girls temperment at all! This was all learned after calling the doctor and a trip to Urgent Care. Not a fun weekend, needless to say. However, there is progress - Sam's H is definitely shrinking and lightening in color. I just don't know if making her feel so rotten was worth it. I mean, does anyone who loves her care what she looks like? No. So, why put her through this? I know, they say that it may interfere with her eating. It just all seems so selfish to me. I don't know where we'll go after this. I hope that this treatment rwill shrink it enough to lessen the concern about it. Also, I pray that after the steroid injection wears off that the H will not start growing again.


thousand words photography said...

she is a doll! so beautiful! and, are doing the right thing. you don't want it to interfere with her eating. once that's not a concern anymore you can reevaluate. it is definitely changing, though! love her!!!

mary nielsen said...

WOW! you can really see a difference. It looks smaller, no doubt. You are doing the right thing Steph, you are a great Mom and Pete is an awsome Dad and you too love your kids and know what's right.

hairlady said...

Steph, She has big eyes like Ryan it's so cute. And no we love her with the H or without and it makes no different to those that know how precios she is. SHe looks great :) We love you Sami!!!