Thursday, January 22, 2009

H Info...Back from the Doctor

Jesse and I took Sami in to see Dr. T this morning. He wanted to make sure that the Propranolol wasn't affecting her blood pressure or heartrate too much. Turns out it didn't change at all since Tuesday - so that was great news. Plus, we agreed that her H was lightening in middle to a gray color and was also a little softer in the center. However, the size had notchanged at all. So, it was affecting the top layer of the H, but not the deeper part. We also got to meet his partner, Dr. W. When she saw Sami she thought it would be best to do a steroid injection today. I was really nervous, but I trust them and I knew that if we didn't do this we were headed to the oral steroids next week. Although the injection wasn't pleasant for her the oral steroids would have been much worse. They would upset her little tummy and possibly make her lose weight (which she cannot have happen), lower her immune system, and interrupt her sleep. All adding up to one miserable baby. I just couldn't stand the thought of her on them. She has so much to do and to see and to experience in the next few months. If she were on the oral steroids she would be miserable and wouldn't be able to go out and experience things. I just think she deserves so much more than that! And now she doesn't have to go back for another month. Which will let us finally just breathe in our sweet little girl!

No pictures yet, but I have taken them and will update this post with this mornings when I get a chance.


My name is Sherri said...

So glad your keeping up with this blog Steph. It'll really be something to look back on when its all over with...and this will end. This whole situation is only temporary. I'll bet your blog will help people in the future too and they'll be thanking their lucky stars that you did it!

hairlady said...

Im so glad that it went the way you wanted:)And a month is good.

Kate said...

So glad that so far Sami isn't showing any negative effects from the propranolol! We will keep her in our prayers that it does it's job and shrinks the hemangioma!
Caroline's Mommy