Friday, September 18, 2009

See that little boy in the front?

I'd have to say he is the sweetest boy in the world...

This morning while we were in the hurryupandeatandputonyourshoesandgrabyourbackpack rush the boys missed the bus.

PJ didn't take the news so well.

Jesse replied "that's ok, I'll get droved to school".

PJ still wasn't taking the news so well. He earned 5 laps. (his punishment for not controlling his temper is to do laps around the tree in the center of our cul-de-sac.)

So, after he heads out to (hopefully) walk off his anger I say to Jesse "Oh my goodness, Jesse, how in the world do you live with him?"

He stopped eating his pancakes and just smiled... "Cause I love him, Mom".


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That is true sibling love.