Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday, 8/20/09

Today Sami and I ventured off to Ikea with Aunt Cristal and Cousin Ryan. Of course, I went after nothing in particular and ended up with lots. All NEEDED things I might add...(for the benefit of my husband!)

Jesse's big news of the day is that he finally got all his punches. And, he clarifies this by saying that "Mrs. Velazquez would not really punch us." He was so excited! They each have a card and Mrs. V will punch it when she catches them being good. I assume there is a treat involved but he was too excited to explain is clearly...I believe I heard something about a treasure box.

PJ is doing awesome in reading! I have started tutoring him every night and I can see improvement already. His big achievement of the day (for me) was that he came home, did his homework, checked off all the boxes on his job chart and then asked to go out to play. I think I heard angels singing!

Miss Taylor was also very happy today. She only missed 2 on her math test! She was soooooo happy! And, I was very proud of her - I have a fondness for math. She is very good at is as well, she just thinks too much. It's hard for her not to be analyzing it to death and just to do it. hmmm...wonder where she gets that from? haha

And, Miss sweet face. Happy as a clam. Loves every minute of her life. Had a blast shopping and eating lunch with her cousin Ryan. I think she's still trying to figure him out. She's not used to such small boys. Usually the ones that she sees are up and running around yelling. She was so funny at dinner tonight. Would not take the baby food carrots from me, but when I gave her some cooked cubed ones she snatched them up! Silly girl! She is also trying to figure out this whole phone deal. She can't seem to understand where Dada is. She will just sit and stare at the phone when he's talking to her, but then when I'm on the phone with anyone else she just babbles away..."dadadadada".

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willow said...

What a beautiful family you have! Thanks for stopping by the manor today. :^)