Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just some chit-chat...

The big kids have headed off to school. Tay to 7th grade, PJ to 3rd and my baby, Jesse to Kinder. All is going well.

Tay is doing well, seeming to enjoy herself. But, she is like her Dad that way. You can never quite tell because they are so easy going that they just go with the flow. She is at a new school and it is beautiful! Looks like you are on a college campus! Really nice! She is in Honors math and Language Arts again, and her elective this semester is Photojournalism. She has very nice teachers - although, of course, she had opinions about some of them. haha Her new school is a "Backpack Free" school. I'm not really sure why this is, but it is a little hard for her to get used to. She has to carry a really big binder that zips all the way around. So, being as there are no backpacks, there are no books to carry home. Which means that all her books are online. Fortunately, when Gramma and Tata heard about this they decided that Taylor deserved a brand new laptop! And, it's purple, too! Such a generous gift - but there is nobody in the world that deserves it more. Taylor is just amazing in all that she does!

PJ has a tough teacher this year. This is the same teacher that Tay had for 3rd grade. And, Tay spent 2 weeks crying and refusing to go to school. So, that tells you how bad it was! Once I figured out the problem, though, and talked to the teacher I realized that she was the nicest person in the entire world. She just has very high expectations. But, we have high expectations for the kids, too. So, when I saw her name as PJ's teacher I was thrilled. A little nervous, but really happy. And, it seems to be working out really well. He loves her structure and the rules. He was happy as can be to have to write up his behavior contract and have me sign it.

Mr. Jesse is loving Kindergarten. However, he has been sick and missed all this week so far. I was hoping he'd be going in today, but when I woke him up he said he thought he shouldn't go. hmmm.... We'll see. We were at the Dr. on Tuesday and he has Croup. Which, I thought only babies got, but I guess not. Anyway, he enjoyed Kinder while he was there. haha He was Star Student the first full week of class and he really liked that. He got to be line leader and do lots of special things in the classroom. However, he also had to have something to bring in to the class everyday. Which, made me the Star Mommy, I guess. And, it was a lot of work being Star Mommy!

Miss Samantha is all of a sudden doing everything! She is sitting up, and when I'm not looking she'll somehow dive to her belly and to the side. I haven't figured out how she's doing this yet, but I'm anxious to see her in action. She is eating very well, too. She loves most anything, but these days her favorites are applesauce, sweet potatoes and baby Goldfish. This week she also started doing a lot of talking. She is saying Dada, TayTay, and PJ swears he hear her say "phooey". I'm not so sure about that one, but whatever. She also has discovered her love of shoes. Mostly her Dad's shoes. I think that this is because he's the only (weird) person who wears shoes in the house. haha He'll be holding her and all of a sudden she's bent in half looking down at his feet. It's really funny!


Fisk Family said...

Your such a great mommy! and daddy!

Lisa said...

Sounds like you are all off to a great start! Enjoy!!