Wednesday, May 20, 2009

~ a tisket a tasket a baby in a basket~

So, our traveling nurse came to visit yesterday. (Sam qualifies for this service due to her NICU time) We went through the usual, height, weight, eating, etc... Then, she told me there were just 3 things you needed to help your baby grow and thrive. A highchair, a playpen (?) and a box. Apparently sitting them in a box (basket) is a great way to help them develop the muscles they need to sit up and roll and crawl and all that good stuff. So, into a box she will go. haha She looks a little goofy - but she absolutely loves it! She can see what all the noise is about! She will follow the kids and the dogs all over the room. Completely turning her head to see where they are going. We also put a few little toys in there and she is grabbing at them and picking them up. So, it was a nice informative visit afterall. However, as the nurse was packing up to leave she told Sam..."Well, Miss Samantha, you are moved to the bottom rung and I won't be back unless Mommy calls me with a concern." So, I guess I'll take that as good! haha She did say that Sam's file will remain open until she's 3 at which point the school district will take over. I don't know why this makes me feel better - I have no concerns. But, I think I just like knowing that I have someone to call if anything ever comes up.

Oh, and every time the nurse visits she brings Sami a new book. So, as she sat in her basket Jesse decided he should read it to her. Really, why must he go to kindergarten? Sam and I are going to miss him terribly...

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Fisk Family said...

That's adorable. I thought the box was the weirdest thing. Ryan didn't like it so we ddn't do it.