Saturday, May 30, 2009

P.J. says...

I'm thinking that I will record all of the hilarious conversations I have with the kids. Here are a few that will start P.J.'s page...

As he is poking a fish with a long reed he pulled from beside the pond...
PJ- shhh, I'm about to catch this fish
Tay- Um, PJ, that fish is dead

As we are reading the menu's at a local Italian restaurant...
PJ- (sobbing) I'm not eating, they don't have bean burritos enchilada style

PJ- I think I need to go to the eye Dr.
Me- We'll go when we get back from Disney
PJ- But, what if I go blind before then?
Me- You won't
PJ- If I do you'll have to train Rocky to help me. Or...get me a monkey.

Oh, and he wrote me a book, here's a teaser... "Noooooooooo! My son is a saguaro!" said Mom. hahaha And, it's illustrated!

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Fisk Family said...

That;s hilarious. Thats one funny boy!