Monday, April 6, 2009

Miss Samantha is 4 months old...

Can you believe it? I can't! Friday, the 3rd, my baby was 4 months old! I'm a little late posting this because we were really busy on Friday and Saturday - and then we decided to do a whole lot of nothing on Sunday!

Friday we went for Sami's 4 month appt and it went great! She is weighing in at a hefty 9 pounds and 10 ounces. Yes, I know I said that she weighed that last week, but since then I have discovered that the scale must have read 9 pounds 1.0 ounces. Oops. Anyway, she has gained almost 6 pounds and grown exactly 6 inches. What a big, strong girl! We are so proud of her. Plus, the best news of the appt was that she is at or above her actual age developmentally! WooHoo! The Dr. had always said that she should be expected to reach milestones according to her adjusted age - this would mean treating her as though she was born on her due date (1-5). However, when he asked what "new tricks" she had learned he was very impressed. She is rolling over, holding her head up, smiling, laughing, following everyone with her eyes and head and really just being very social. In fact, when Dr. G went to examine her she couldn't stop smiling up at him! It was very sweet. I think that she is the most social baby we've had. It's just amazing to me that she's so tiny yet so smart and so "normal". In fact, I think I asked the Dr. something along those lines...oh well. He already thinks I'm goofy - why not add to it, right?

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Kate said...

Look at her!! She's so precious! Hope you guys are doing well!