Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A funny for April Fools Day...

Picture this...

Pete and I quietly watching tv in our room. A sweet baby sleeping in her bassinet feet away. Suddenly, the door busts open to a red faced, yelling PJ, holding out a small piece of paper. We shush him and ask what the problem is. He holds of the piece of paper and tells us that THIS is the problem. We ask what it is and he replies "it's a picture Jesse drew of you kicking my butt!". Now, honestly, that's funny. So, I couldn't help but bust out laughing. Oops, wrong thing to do. PJ turned an even darker shade of red and replied in a growl, yell, cry "IT'S NOT FUNNY!" He then crumpled up the paper, threw it on our bed, stomped out of the room and slammed the door. Of course, my sweet baby is awake by now - although she's already realized that PJ is great entertainment, so she's just laying there listening. You'd think that maybe it was over now - well, you'd be wrong. I pick up the baby, I'm trying to rock/walk her back to sleep, but I'm laughing too hard. I have to hand her over to Pete because I end up shaking her rather than rocking her. Then I notice the paper on the bed. I can't help but look at it- and actually, it was a very good drawing. He had even labeled the stick figures. As I'm laughing Jesse comes in the room. "Am I really in trouble? PJ says I'm in trouble." We send him back to bed and continue laughing. But, we can still hear them arguing in their room. So, I go to the door and listen to what they are saying. Lots of "you're in big trouble" "no I'm not" Then came the kickers...

PJ, you're so stupid

Oh yeah, well you're small and stupid

Well, you're big and stupid

Well, you're smaller than Sami

(small whimpering)

Well, you're poop

Well, you're horse poop

Well, you're alligator poop

Well, you're horse, alligator and dog poop

This continued for awhile, and yes, I stood outside the door and listened. Eventually it turned into a good 'ol fashioned game of rifle, rocket launcher, hand grenade. You know that one, right?

All is well, though. Just this weekend Jesse announced he was never going to get married. I told him he was going to be awfully lonely all by himself.

J- I won't be lonely

S- Well, who will you live with?

J- I'm going to live with PJ

S- You are? Where?

J- Up north

P- Ya, in an old cabin

All this without missing a beat. It has apparently been planned out for awhile now. These days they are contemplating the kind of dog they will each have. So far PJ is deciding between a Boxer and a Husky and Jesse is undecided.


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