Friday, September 17, 2010


Lately it seems that I have forgotten the motto of my little blog here. AWOL. A Window Of Life. I think I closed that window and forgot to open it. So, here's a little peek through that window this morning...

5am. PJ up, still feeling bad. Give him some Motrin and put him back to bed.

6am. Sam up. Give her a bottle and put her back to bed.

6:15am. Pete's alarm goes off. He starts popping his knuckles. Ask him if he's trying to kill me with annoyance.

6:30am. Realize Sam is having a party in her crib and is definitely not going to be sleeping.

7am. Pack Pete his breakfast and Dr. Peppers and send him on his way.

7:15am. Make Jesse waffles, but forget that he changed his mind and wanted Cookie Crisp mixed with Cocoa Pebbles swimming in chocolate milk. oops.

7:18am. Call school, PJ is sick. Arrange his work to be brought home by Jesse.

7:30am. Convince Jesse to buy hot lunch by telling him that they were having pizza. (Technically it was a pizza quesadilla, but I'm sure it's got all the same ingredients, right?)

7:35am. Send Jesse out the door. Hear bus come. Realize he has forgotten his lunch money.

7:45am. Hear (sick) PJ calling from upstairs that he is hungry. Offer him a bazillion things...all of which sound gross.

7:55am. Phone call from brother - wanting sisterly advice of course! lol

8:10am. Realized that the teenager has not appeared yet this morning. Send the baby to wake her up. (Yes, I'm willing to sacrifice my baby to avoid the wrath of a grumpy teenager.)

8:11am. Yep, she was asleep. Realize I must drive to JH. Decide to go in jammies, but at least put on a bra.

8:15am. Call from sister. Halloween costume discussion.

8:40am. Call from Jesse's teacher. Jesse is very upset. Lunch is pizza quesadillas and he is sure he will not like that. (Feel a teeny bit guilty for telling her I was hoping he wouldn't find out until it was too late.) Tell her I will bring him a lunch.

8:50am. Make teenager run Jesse's lunch into elementary school.

8:55am. Try to make sense of teen scheduling. Still have no idea what the 13 year old plans to do tonight. Or why she thinks that she gets to make the plans and THEN tell me of them.

9:00am. Drop of Tay at Junior High.

9:05am. Call Pete and tell him of eventful morning. Mention that I got a call to do engagement pictures and would need him to come home early one day in the next few weeks.

9:06am. Told by husband that he must go and can't talk about this now.

9:07am. Feel like crap.

9:08am. Realize that even though I do not hold a high paying job I am still a highly sought after employee.


Fisk Family said...

OMG! You had 1 hell of a morning. Sorry I was in that scenario :)

Anonymous said...

I am doing research for my college thesis, thanks for your brilliant points, now I am acting on a sudden impulse.

- Laura