Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Traveler

Happy Traveler
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I apologize for not updating sooner on our visit to CA. I'm kind of one of those people who have to let things mix around in my head and then settle down before I can go around talking about them.

Anyway, we flew in for a couple of hours and met with Dr. Levitin. For me it was kind of uneventful. I had talked to him many times and really he just told us the same thing. For Pete, though, it was a good trip. He was glad to meet him and hear for himself what would be happening. So, I am glad we went.

The conclusion is that she will need 2 surgeries and 2-3 laser treatments. Not really something that a parent wants to hear. However, it has to be done, and Dr. Levitin is the best one for the job. We are hoping that our insurance will cover all of the procedures...Dr. Levitin has started with the paperwork already. He assumes it will be a fight with them and so we have a hopeful date of early June for her first surgery.


Jen said...

I know it's tough, but it's great that the ball is rolling. Love you guys!

Lisa said...

I know it will be hard, but I think in the long run you will all be happy with the outcome. Hugs!!