Friday, February 26, 2010

Yes, we are still alive...

...but just barely.

We have all been in a whirlwind around here. Life in general and all the added things that come with having 4 little ones have given us plenty to do. We decided to seperate the boys, and give them each their own room. This meant moving Tay downstairs and then moving PJ into her old room. This was not an easy task. However, Tay is just such an awesome kid that she really did most of the work on her room switch herself. We are almost done, just have to paint and fix up Jesse's room a bit. He wants a Phoenix Suns room, so I also need to get him a new comforter and curtains.

This pic above is my sweet baby on her 1 year birthday! She spent the day puking, but by evening she had perked up and we got a few cute shots.

The boys are starting baseball this week. Tonight they both have practice. Thank goodness for Taylor! She is going to stay with PJ at his so that I can drive Jesse down the road and stay with him.

Sami has also started making a lot of new friends. She goes to baby classes at the library 1-3 times a week. It was just recently that most of her new friends moms found out that she was my fourth child. I guess with all the big kids in school people must assume that she is my only child. We have such fun during the day on our outings! I'm loving having all this time with her. But, when her siblings are home she is soooo happy to see them! She just loves them so much. And, they adore her.


Fisk Family said...

Glad your alive and kicking :-)

WhisperingWriter said...

Aww, cute picture!