Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veterans Day!

My father-in-law, Nacho, joined Sam and I at the boys school yesterday! Jesse had asked him to come speak to his class about being a veteran and Nacho was kind enough to accept. He stopped at our house and picked up Sam and I on his way. We headed to PJ's class first since I had an appointment to teach Junior Achievement. We were a few minutes early so his teacher asked Nacho to speak to her class for a bit while they had their snack. He had brought along a few pictures, so she showed them to the class while he told them about what he had done while in the service. PJ's class was very impressed with all of the places Nacho had lived while in the military. Ms. C pulled down the world map and he spent a couple of minutes pointing at places around the world where he had been. By about the 5th or 6th location you could hear the kids starting to say "whoa!". haha They were very impressed. They asked a few questions and then Nacho sat with Sami while I did the JA lesson.

After 3rd grade we headed to lunch with the kindergarteners! We even sat at the little table with them in the cafeteria. The boys eat at about the same time, so when PJ came in he came and sat with us, too. I thought it was great! Loud and busy, but super fun! While we were eating the kids really wanted to talk to us. They kept telling us little bits of information; they had been talking about veterans and looking at some of the things Jesse had brought in before lunch. The funniest thing, though, was when I heard a little girls voice say "Mr. Nacho? Are you going to go to the playground with us?"

After the kids had a few minutes to run around on the playground they came in and got ready to listen to "Mr. Nacho". Jesse took a bag full of things that his grandfather had given him to school with him that day. They had already seen and talked about all of that, so while we were there Jesse got to stand up front and hold up the pictures Nacho had brought. They were pictures of him in the tower where he was an air traffic controller. The little kids were a bit confused with all the buttons. But mostly, they wanted to know about guns. Guns and uniforms. haha But, mostly guns. Nacho tried to explain to them that the military was formed so that people wouldn't have to fight and use guns, but I'm not sure it went through their little heads. Shortly after he said that one little boy raised his hand and announced that his Dad was a Ninja...


sherri said...

What a sweet memory Steph!

_MAF said...

Awww....:) That was so sweet of Tio :) I love him SO MUCH!!:) That was so cute how proud jesse was :) It just melts me :)

Bill said...

Special memories must have been created that day for your family and for the other children at the school. It was nice of your father-in-law to share his memories of the military.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving the nice comment. I hope our paths cross again very soon!