Monday, February 23, 2009

H Info...1 month of treatment progress

As of the 21st Sam has been on the propranolol for 1 month. And, the 22nd marks 1 month since the steroid injection I'm not sure I see much difference in the last two photos. The sores are definitely larger. And, I think that the underlying purple near the top is less in the second photo. The second photo appears more red, but I think it's just the tone of the photo, not actual.

We are hopeful that she will continue to improve and that the sores will heal soon.


Jen said...

Poor baby! Even though it's not looking that great, it is looking like it's getting better overall. Yay!

CC & Ruthie said...

Poor Sami! I hope the sores aren't bothering her too much. I can definitely see that the H is smaller! I hope the sores heal soon.