Saturday, March 8, 2008

School Awards again... sorry, but this is Very Important Stuff in our house! LOL

Friday Pete, Jesse and I spent over 2 hours in the kids school gym. It was awards assembly day and we had much to see. Turns out PJ ended up with a lot more awards than we or he knew about, LOL. He was Student of the Month for February. He also was chosen by Coach as the 1st grade boy of the quarter for PE participation - which is super cool!!! He also received a Citizenship Award. He was very proud of himself! Tay made Principal's List - 1 of only 5 in her class. And she was chosen for the Pat Tillman award by Coach. The 5th graders wrote and essay on Tillman and he chose the best for the award. We were glad to be there, and very proud, but it sure was a long time. Poor Jesse was so tired of it by the end!

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