Thursday, February 7, 2008


Mid-terms came home yesterday. Taylor was so funny - she handed it to me saying she was so ashamed. She had one "B". Funny girl, she know's she'll bring it up by end of quarter. And, Pete and I decided that all of her teachers over the years have copied and pasted their comments in. They all say the EXACT same thing..."Taylor is a great student. She does very well at her work and I am glad to have her in my class." She is just a great girl who loves school. Then there was Mr. P.J. - he embarrassed his sister by getting all "E"'s! (Which are "A"'s for 1st graders!). It was really funny - he was very proud. And his comments from his teacher were awesome! "PJ is such a fun kid. Everything makes him smile, laugh and happy. He does a fantastic job working and helping out when needed." Awesome! Just a perfect description of him. We are so proud of both of them! (This photo is from the first day of school as they waited for the bus, not the best quality - taken with my phone.)

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